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JioFiber Router Login

Jio Centrum Home Gateway allows you to change WiFi password, Network Name (SSID), and default JioFiber router settings at Login

How to login to JioFiber router?

  1. Open a browser and type in the address bar.
  2. Enter User Name: admin and Password: Jiocentrum and click Login.
  3. You will be logged in to the Jio Centrum Home Gateway.

Note: If you are logging in to the router interface for the first time, for security reasons you will be required to change the default password for user Admin and user Guest.

How to change JioFiber WiFi password and SSID?

  1. Log in to the Jio Centrum Home Gateway.
  2. From the left menu click on NETWORK and select Wireless.
  3. Click the Profiles tab, select the select the SSID and click Edit.
  4. Enter the Wi-Fi Name in the SSID field.
  5. Enter the Wi-Fi password in the WPA Password and WPA Confirm Password field.
  6. Press the SAVE button to apply the changes.